But, But, But… The World of Men, Dieting and Excuses

I was inspired to write this article after hearing my girlfriend tell me about her ex-boyfriends attempts at professing his undying love for her. He is 100% sure that there is no one else for him, “Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless”. Romantic right? Well, it would be except he has done this at least a dozen times before. His sentiments are always the same,“I want you back. I don’t know what to do to make that happen.” All the while pursuing other women, putting time, energy and attention into getting to know them. Waiting for the relationship he prefers to be in miraculously make a turn for the better. His approach is the same…. Just enough effort to get her attention but not enough to see a change in the situation. Hmm, have you had a similar situation with the way you view weight loss?

Ladies let me ask you. Is my friends ex-boyfriend’s barely there attempts at showing her his love and dedication, any different from your efforts to having the life, weight and body you desperately want? You wish to see a change but do so with the same mixed consistency and dedication? Do you know what the necessary steps are to having what you desire? Or have you repeatedly sought out advice from your trainer expressing the words “I don’t know what to do.” Listening to their suggestions but continuing to follow the same patterns that have shown you no results? Showing up at the gym only enough to hate it. Buying another quick fix fad diet or ordering a piece of cake. Knowing it is sabotaging your efforts and derailing you from the goal you truly want. Complaining about lack of results but never giving 100 percent effort.

Weight loss goals, starting a new habit and up-leveling your lifestyle involves the same needed structure as having a healthy strong relationship. It requires consistency, dedication and effort. Double dipping into the lifestyle that doesn’t serve you. Whether that be negative people, environment or sugary foods is the same situation as having a man say that he will be committed but has divided attention.

Spring time always brings a panic for those wanting their beach bodies. Memorial Day Weekend will be here before we know it. Don’t make this another summer where you are scrambling around last minute trying to get beach ready. You know that saying, summer bodies are made in the winter? It is the truth! Losing weight effectively, safe and permanently takes time. So what can you do to make your goals sustainable and show for this summer? Here are a couple tips you can start using today that will give you the body and healthy lifestyle you desire:

Be 100% dedicated to whatever your goal is. This does not mean you can never eat out, enjoy family dinners or have dessert. It means be consistent with your effort. Know how many calories you need to eat in order to loose weight and follow that daily. Having an all day cheat meal on Sundays is so 2001! Eating an entire week worth of food in one sitting builds habits of gluttony, binging, a poor relationship with food and will derail an entire week of hard work.
Don’t skip the gym! Rather have a plan you can follow through on and a schedule that fits your life. If you currently go 1x a week planning to train for 6 days is a bit much and unnecessary. Instead plan to be there 3-4 days and follow through 100%.
Plan your meals in advance. I am human too, just the other day I sabotaged a good day of eating by letting life happen. By not having an extra meal on me I ended up going almost 6 hours without eating. By the time I sat down to eat I ended up eating much more than I normally would have. What did I do today? I spent a few minutes recognizing where I went wrong and how I can plan better next time. Then I moved on. Obsessing about a mistake will get you no where.
Try to eat at home as much as possible. Home cooked meals are great for a couple different reasons. It saves money. Cooking and eating at the dinner table is a great way to bond with your family and spouse. The best part, you know the quality of the food you are eating and how much you are eating! I love to eat at restaurants and I do so weekly. However I personally like to keep it to about 2x a week. More than that and I find that the excess salt, added fats and larger portions sizes start effecting my jeans. Play around with it see what works for you!
If you have no idea where to start with calories, macros, a workout plan or you have plateaued. I highly recommend hiring a professional to help you build a plan that assist you to getting to your desired results faster and with less effort than figuring it out for yourself. Your lifestyle and body is unique. A cookie cutter plan should never be used when molding and sculpting your physique.

Before the start of this new year spend some time seeing where you had difficulties reaching your goals in the past. Where do you need help? What needs to change? How can you improve? This is your time to make a change! Don’t be the inconsistent ex boyfriend. Figure out what you desire and choose to give that your all!

You can absolutely have the life, body and health you desire!
Sending Lots of Love,