I tried on some sexy lingerie and I thought, yikes, I GOT FAT!

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I have a confession. That thought, “I got fat,” kinda shocked me too! But I’m going to share with you why I would take my body now any day over the way it was…

This all started when I recently found out my boyfriend loves lingerie.

In all fairness I have been making an active effort to get out of sweats 7 days a week haha (btw, no judgment I work from home).

For years I worked in the night life industry and my weight was a constant obsession. My looks, my body in particular, is what made me money. The thing is, there is ALWAYS somebody prettier, skinnier, fitter than you. I spent years surrounded by gorgeous women. And with little self-worth I basically spent my 20s in judgment and comparison.

Since then I’ve worked hard to overcome my body shame and hate. And I am proud to say I now enjoy great sex with the lights ON, delicious meals with absolutely no guilt, and a life that is filled with true happiness with the added benefit of ZERO thoughts about food, dieting, or weight loss.

I also don’t work in night life anymore. I’m not running around at 3am in a super short cocktail dress. My days aren’t filled with starving and binging followed by nights filled with shots of tequila and constant moving. As I mentioned earlier my outfit of choice is yoga pants and a sweater.

My bedtime is 9pm. And a crazy night now constitutes as dinner out with a bottle of wine and some friends. When my body obsession left, so did my need to control every bite that went into my mouth or the need to be at the gym for two hours every day.

I am comfortable. I am happy. And I am in love. I am deeply in love with my body and I have no desire to do anything that doesn’t make me feel great!

So the question is: How did I “get fat?”

First let me say it’s more PHAT than ‘fat’ (haha).

Jokes aside, I got little thicker. Things aren’t quite as “tight” as they were.

But here is the freaking coolest part about it… Ready??

Because I no longer have food addictions, uncontrollable cravings, or negative thoughts that stop me in my path, instead I can begin eating healthier and get right back to the body I had with zero drama, craziness, pain, crying, obsession or frustration.

Do you want that type of freedom?

You see, having a perfect body doesn’t mean you will have happiness with yourself, your looks, or your figure.

And being comfortable and deeply in love with your body doesn’t mean you will be a size 2.

BUT it does give you the choice to have what you desire.

With this new year I want you to experience what I have been able to get for myself and countless other women: FREEDOM from the scale, body shame, judgment and obsession.

Whether you just need a refresher course or a complete overhaul to the way you view your body, self-image, food and your confidence you are in the right place!

I have been through it ALL!


Be on the lookout, for an amazing 6-week course (with mix and match classes) that is on its way.

I want every woman to experience what falling deeply in love with her body feels like!



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