The best weight loss plan EVER!!

Best Weight Loss Plan Ever

You’re sitting here wondering why you can’t just eat a cookie and enjoy it. You’re wondering why your body is the one area you have no control over. And it feels like a horrible representation of the successful woman you really are.

You wonder, “What’s the best weight loss plan for a woman?” as you scroll through your browser for some new innovation or information you might not have seen before. But deep down you know something is missing.

You know that another diet is not what you need. You know you haven’t seen lasting success with any of your past weight loss or fitness plans, but as you stare at the models in the magazines it stirs up the dream of dropping even just a few pounds.

Before you spend any more money on a program you’ve already done 3x (with little to no success) let me tell you a secret:

That thing you believe you are missing is not in your imagination. The past stories and trauma you believe you are holding onto are ideas that you really do have a strong grip around. More than that, the negative situations you’ve experienced are the layers of protection you now have cloaked around your body.

I know it seems ridiculous. You have countless degrees and you’ve made a career out of nothing. You’ve overcome so much more than this but your body hasn’t followed along on your rise to fame.

And another diet isn’t going to cut it.

You’re a smart business woman, so hear me when I say this: “the next best weight loss plan” is to permanent weight loss what an assistant is to building a business. Yes, you need someone to help you scale, but if you don’t even know what you are selling or who you are selling it to, what is an assistant going to do for you?

A diet is just like an assistant. It assists you once you have a game plan and solid foundation around who you are, what you’re worth, and why you want it.

So what is this foundation piece you’re missing in your search for the best weight loss plan?


A healthy mindset does not obsess about weight loss, calories or food. A healthy mindset just does. Effortlessly!

How do you become the woman with a healthy mindset?

One of the first key components is to love yourself!

No, I am not talking about bubble baths and manicures (although that is always nice).

I’m talking about what really exists when you love who you are (also known as self-worth).

Self-worth (loving yourself) is:

  • Having boundaries
  • Knowing when to say no
  • Asking for help and support when you need it
  • Listening to that feeling in your gut when you are settling (even if everything seems great)

Self- worth knows when a situation isn’t quite right. It means knowing that you come first – that you are perfect just as you are right now, while seeing the areas that you would like to improve and taking action to do so.

Really loving yourself is being acutely aware of when energetic leaks are occurring in your life.

Many women overeat when they feel like their feelings aren’t being acknowledged, when they are drained, burnt out, feeling overwhelmed, and when the life they truly want to be living isn’t happening.

Stop searching for the next best weight loss plan. Instead of using food to say the words that need to be spoken, or to drown out the aching feeling of not being truly happy, what if you loved yourself so much you began to put yourself first?

The same healthy mindset that will make you choose vegetables over a loaf of bread will be the same mindset that will make you pick healthy relationships, create and stick to boundaries around work and to have the energy to balance all areas of your life with an effortless flow.

Do you struggle with a healthy mindset? Deep down do you still feel like you don’t deserve it all?

Does a part of your life constantly leave you feeling burnt out, frustrated, underappreciated or exhausted?

Is there an area of your life that is draining you emotionally and not giving you the extra energy you want to have in order to take care of your health?

Comment below and tell me where in your life you feel an energetic leak is happening and what simple shift you need to make today to show up as the woman you want to be in all areas!



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