Love your naked self.



When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

Before you start thinking about the width of your hips, or the number on the scale, STOP right there.

Most women, when asked what they see will immediately describe the details of their physical bodies. But, I’m not talking about weight, measurements, or calories right now.

I’m talking about you.

  • Your ambitious, driven, feminine, and complex nature.
  • Your unique goals for the future, dreams and deep desires.
  • And the downright incredible feats you've accomplished so far in your life.

Take a long look in the mirror, and remember the beautiful things that make you who you are.

You are defined by so much more than just the things you eat and the workouts you complete.

Your unique characteristics are much more impressive than inches, calories, or weight. So why in the world would you settle for focusing only on improving your diet and exercise habits, when you could also focus on healing and strengthening your whole being?

There are an infinite number of details that make each one of us unique. But, the one thing every woman has in common? Every woman deserves to LOVE her naked self.

Many clients come to me with the primary desire to lose weight, transform their bodies, and become permanently proud of their hauteness. Yet, 100% of the time, each woman I work with quickly discovers that her so-called physical flaws--and feelings of insecurity she’s aching to eliminate--are merely symptoms signifying the presence of a deeper issue.



"Kerin gave me back what I've been missing the past few years, my self esteem. She's taught me how to love myself again and cease with all the negative chatter in my head. It's not only about the weight, it's about being happy with who you are."



"In the few months I worked with Kerin, I lost the weight, met my goals, but even more importantly, I changed my relationship with food. I couldn’t be more thankful for what she’s done for me and I can wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel good about how they look and feel.  I have more confidence in myself now than I’ve ever had (I’ve also never had so much fun clothes shopping)!"

Perhaps, most days you feel like Wonder Woman - a resilient, resourceful warrior - but on the inside, you're still secretly feeling insecure about your appearance.

  • Smart and successful at work, but your love life is a mess. "I suppose something had to suffer in order for my career to flourish."
  • Really confident when it comes to voicing your opinions with friends and romantic partners, but every time you feel the urge to be honest with one of your colleagues or clients, you get nervous and bite your tongue.
  • You've conquered so many obstacles, and you're a strong and independent woman. "Why can’t I just set a simple weight loss goal and reach it?"

You are not alone.

You and I both know what it’s like to give up dinners with friends for the sake of a crash diet, or feeling like you have nothing in your closet that fits quite right. We’ve all had moments where we speak poorly of ourselves out of insecurity, or sacrifice our desires to please someone else.

Countless women experience an exhausting on-again-off-again relationship with health and self-care, and it often affects other parts of life, too. Have you ever found that the same feast-and-famine pattern you enact with food, shows up in your financial life as well? Or perhaps you noticed these less-than-ideal patterns are present in your romantic relationships?

I can’t tell you how many wise, driven women I’ve witnessed repeatedly attract romantic partners with little purpose or motivation, despite their desire to have a man on their level. Other women find that they stop romance before it begins, uncomfortable with vulnerability or plagued with feelings of unworthiness.

You are aware that what you’ve been doing isn’t working, and it isn’t making you feel happier, more confident, or fulfilled. So why are you still doing it?

Just like solving most problems in life, you could try to reach a solution on your own--spend a million years watching YouTube videos, trying the newest organic juice cleanse, or settling for another pair of quick-fix Spanx.

But most often, your best and most effective option is to get real with yourself, consciously commit to changing your life, and enlist the help of someone who knows what they’re doing.

Isn’t it high time you finally live in your ideal body? Experience healthy, hot romance? Walk around feeling confident, sexy, and strong? If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it.

It’s time to go back to the drawing board, adjust your strategy, step outside the life you know, to create the life you desire and deserve.

It's not your fault. This stuff is hard.

Since the day you were born, you’ve been absorbing information about your role in this world. You’ve naturally developed a series of core beliefs, fundamental fears, and assumptions that have served to guide you, protect you, and help you make sense of the complicated situations you experienced through the years.

You have steadily filed away these fundamental lessons, and referred back to them time and again to navigate your life. Your thoughts and beliefs have continuously shaped your reality, impacting the way you make decisions, communicate, and function on a daily basis.

For instance, as a child, you may have seen your parents argue. You might’ve observed that your mom shut down the argument by changing the subject and retreating to the kitchen to self-soothe with baked goods. Thus, as a kid, it would have made sense for you to conclude that the best way to avoid conflict is to shut up, walk away, and make yourself feel better by eating.

This mindset would have served you for a time: conflict is unpleasant-- avoid it. Instead, have a martini. Go shopping. Eat a cupcake. After all, distraction is effective, albeit temporary. The conflict still exists; you’re just not looking at it.

But, eventually you'd start to see that this core belief is more detrimental than helpful: I want to discuss my feelings of anger with my husband, but conflict makes us both uncomfortable. Instead of possibly starting an argument, I’ll stay quiet drink a few glasses of wine and eat a cookie.

Because humans are creatures of habit, it is in our nature to hang onto these old beliefs and fears, even if they are not helpful, uplifting, or propelling us toward to the life we want to live.

Sometimes, these fears and belief systems have been part of you for so long, that you don’t even realize they exist.

It’s worth noting: humans don’t just carry around these outdated fears and beliefs. We often tighten our grip around them as if losing them would mean the end of life as we know it. This is because, at one point or another, that belief felt vital, accurate, and crucial to your personal identity.

For instance, one of my clients struggled with her weight all of her life. She believed a woman fell into one of two categories.

  • Beautiful, sexy, and fit
  • Or smart, successful, and nice

She believed she couldn't be both.

The HAUTEness — Fitness Programs For Women

It's time we stop telling ourselves these stories.

That’s why I created the Hauteness Program.

I designed this unique coaching program to not only help you achieve body confidence, and to reach your relationship, finance, and business goals--but more importantly to heal, recalibrate, and restore your entire being.

The Hauteness combines 1:1 personal coaching with personalized healing energy work, custom mindfulness practices, journaling exercises, along with personalized self-care routines, workouts, and intuitive meal plans. All of these tools, in conjunction with consistent high-vibe support, work in synergy to get your body, mind, and soul aligned and feeling fantastic.

You owe it to yourself to:

  • Overflow with genuine, genuine body confidence, and an unshakable sense of self-worth.
  • Feel calm and grounded, equipped with a true sense of your deepest needs and desires.
  • Know what you want, ask for what you need, and live your ideal life with ease.
  • Shed pounds without stressing out, eat intuitively without guilt, and rock your vibrant, sexy healthy body every day.
  • Start attracting exactly what (and who!) you want in your life.
  • Experience liberating mindset shifts, and permanently break up with self-abandonment, restriction, and deprivation.


Here’s what to expect:


    In our first session, we’ll spend this time focusing on YOU. We’ll discuss everything from your lifestyle and habits, to your business goals, your ideal vision for romantic relationships, and more. We’ll get to know each other in a safe and confidential setting. I’ll ask specific questions, and your honest responses will give me a solid foundation to develop your customized coaching plan and to map out 4-months worth of attainable, realistic milestones that will ultimate transport you directly to your accomplished goals. This 3-hour intensive can be conducted in person or via Skype. (I'm willing to travel to you, but travel expenses may vary depending on location.)


    Each week we’ll dive deep to uncover the mindset blocks, self-sabotaging behaviors, and limiting beliefs that have halted or hindered your progress up to this point. Through emotional exploration, balancing energy work, and supportive cognitive assessment, you’ll begin to feel your transformation begin in as little as one 90-minute coaching session. As your physical & emotional confidence grows, and you make more self-discoveries, implementing changes and embodying your new healthy mindsets will occur with ease. I'll be here every step of the way to ensure that you feel supported, encouraged, and uplifted. Instead of using guilt, lack, or negativity as a motivator, we will focus 100% on positive upward movement, gratitude, self care, and abundance.

    Your 12+ coaching hours will be broken into two 90-minute sessions, and one 30-minute check-in sessions per month.


    I’m always here to support you. You’ll also have unlimited access to me via Voxer support 24/7, just in case.



  • As an exclusive Hauteness Coaching client, you will have 24/7 access to my entire library of self-care materials, including delicious recipes, effective workout videos, cheat sheets, and more.

  • When you sign up, you’ll also receive a beautiful hand-curated journal where you can write down your thoughts and breakthroughs.

  • You’ll get my Essential Reading List, filled with inspirational titles that’ll reinforce the powerful mindset, health, and energy transformations happening through your coaching sessions.

  • And another bonus surprise gift!



Or a sign-on fee of $1600 plus 4 payments of $850



Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for you if you are DONE struggling with your weight, having 3 different jeans sizes in your closet, or busting your ass at the gym and not seeing any results!

Some other clues that this is the perfect program for you:

  • You feel uncomfortable in your clothes or purposely buy clothes to cover your muffin top and jiggly arms
  • You are petrified of going on a date (let alone get naked) because you feel gross and insecure about how you look
  • You feel completely out of balance in your body and your relationship with food
  • Dieting (or thinking about dieting) is on your mind 24/7, yet you look exactly the same
  • You have difficulty organizing a workout schedule and sticking with it
  • You get easily overwhelmed with the idea of meal planning and fitting in exercise while having a full time job, relationship and possibly children

This is a transformation program that will dive deep into what is really going on with your struggles around weight loss. It will push you past your normal stopping points and motivate you to abandon your comfortable “fall off” routine. It is about getting to the root cause of WHY you are emotionally and binge eating and not being consistent with what you know you SHOULD be doing. Over six months I will help you transform your relationship with food and your body, and free you from the self-sabotaging behavior and negative mind chatter that has (in the past) kept you on a hamster wheel of dieting.

The program starts with a 2-hour intensive session. During this time I learn all about YOU: The foods you like, the amount of times per week you can commit to exercise, the underlying belief systems (habits) that are keeping you stuck, and answer any questions you may have. After this initial intensive, I will work on your customized plan. Within 24-48 hours you will receive your new program and a welcome packet which is designed to help streamline your success.


Every Thursday you will send me your updated email report (found on the membership site) with measurements, pictures and weight. This template allows me to see your progress and make any tweaks necessary in order for you to consistently see 1-3lbs of weight loss every week.

During these six months you will also have 18 additional 1-hour private sessions with me. The purpose of these sessions is 100% support.  I am here to motivate, hold you accountable, help you break free of negative patterns, and bust through any self-sabotaging behaviors that in the past would have stopped you from reaching your goals. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader right in your back pocket! Your success is my #1 priority! The private sessions will be scheduled prior to beginning the program. In the event you need to make adjustments to any times/days (life happens, I understand) please give 24 hour notice.

If any (or all) of these sound like you then you are suffering from emotional eating:


  • You think about food 24/7
  • You start a new “diet” everyday, but don’t have the willpower to get past dinner or your 3pm sugar cravings. (By the way, it’s not willpower that is needed!)
  • You have all-day conversations with yourself that go something like this: “I will not eat those donuts on my boss’s desk, or order pasta tonight at dinner, and I absolutely will NOT have dessert… okay, just a bite…” which turns into ¾ of the slice followed by stuffing your face the moment you are home alone.
  • You run to food when you are aggravated, happy, sad, depressed or stressed
  • You never seem full
  • You eat when you aren't hungry
  • Eating makes you feel better, in the moment.
  • You get crazy around food! Either you are eating everything in sight or a carrot stick is your meal for three days.
  • When out to eat with friends you feel the need to explain WHY you are eating that piece of bread, ordering dessert, or why you can’t have the _______ on the menu. And each time you do eat anything “bad” the sentence begins with, “I deserve it,” “I have no self control,” or “I’m starting my diet tomorrow.”

Great Question! At the height of my desperation to lose weight I was beginning to believe nothing would work and this was going to be a permanent situation. To give you some background I was an emotional and binge eater and someone who loves to try new cuisine, dine out, socialize and eat good food! So you see my quandary. I found it extremely difficult to stick to a grilled chicken and asparagus diet when I love to be on the town. After all, who wants to bring a tupperware container to a party? Plus the confinement of having no options fed into my obsessiveness around food. Restrict, binge, repeat. Once I discovered macronutrients and the science behind it I began to use a combination of macro counting and high-intensity weight training to mold my body and melt fat. This is the same formula I use for my clients who have come to me swearing they can’t lose weight.

The other part of what makes The HAUTEness so different is that most “diet” programs do not cover the most crucial part: MINDSET! For the person who struggles with consistency and poor self body image, thinks losing weight is never going to happen  or is constantly “falling off” no amount of clean eating or kick ass workouts is going to get them results. Mainly because whatever effort is put forth will not be enough to counteract the inconsistency. If you eat clean for three days and binge for four you will never get anywhere. By changing the way you think, handle stress, look at food, and view your body you will be able to drop weight with less work. Body maintenance becomes second nature!

Absolutely! In the beginning of the program I will teach you how to count macronutrients so you can track your food anywhere you go. I will also teach you the tricks I have used to make dining out less about having to eat a salad and more about enjoying what you eat so you are satisfied. A satisfied person stops at content, not stuffed.

Yes. Alcohol is deducted from your total carbohydrate intake for the day so in moderation it can be worked into your plan.

Absolutely! This program is all about taking the food you already eat and enjoy and making it work for you. While I do make a few suggestions for faster success, you get to decide every day what you would like to eat.  Ultimately, if you enjoy a piece of chocolate every evening, a glass of wine on the weekends, or pizza on Sundays you have the control to pick and choose where you would like to spend your calories.

  • You are not to ready commit and take 100% of the responsibility for being willing to dive deep into why you have been emotionally eating, binging, and what has kept you stuck in the past from seeing results. I will be there to support you, but you have to be willing to do the work.
  • You are not committed to following the plan I give you.  This isn't a Marie Callender’s Buffet; you can’t pick and choose the parts you like. You must trust me as your coach and be coachable. Note: this does not mean perfection. It means showing up every day even when you fall down and feel like giving up.
  • You care more about the number on the scale (i.e. dropping 10lbs a week) than losing actual body fat (i.e. cellulite, muffin tops, jiggly arms).
  • You count zumba or yoga class once a week as exercise. (FYI: I don't require that you put in hours a day, but lifting weights is necessary) Don't worry, I don't do big and bulky!
  • You think that health, your weight, how you view your body, and the relationship with food isn't that important.  I give 110% to each of my clients. I only want to work with women who realize that embarking on this program isn't just about losing weight, but that it’s about changing how you do life! This program doesn't just sculpt your body. It will sculpt your self worth, value, as well as how you show up in your job, with your family, and in relationships.
  • You realize that this is an investment in your body and health and will forever change how you view yourself.
  • You are so over needing to buy supplements, meal plans, frozen foods, shakes and cleanses in order to drop a pound.
  • You are done with jumping on and off quick fix fad diets and want a permanent, livable, healthy routine that will keep you in a body you love without creating a restrictive or obsessive lifestyle.
  • You want actual body fat off of your body. Say goodbye to muffin tops and cellulite!
  • You want to be able to follow through on a goal and not have every day be an inward battle.


" Damn, I look good!"


"I've had the opportunity to work with Kerin for the past few months. As a mature woman, just 69 (omg), she has pushed me gently, to exceed what I believed I could do and then some! She's encouraged me to continue with exercise and good eating habits. I highly recommend Kerin as a trainer and food consultant." 



"A year ago, I thought I was eating right and doing everything I could to get to my goal weight, but I was stuck in the same place for months.  I went to a seminar Kerin was holding and she told me I wasn’t eating enough.  I didn’t believe her, but I thought, let me give her a chance.   And I’m thankful everyday a year later that I made that decision.  In the few months I worked with Kerin, I lost the weight, met my goals, but even more importantly, I changed my relationship with food. "Sounds crazy, but it’s true.  A year later, I’ve maintained my goal weight and I have a completely different perspective on how I eat.  Kerin was flexible, easy to work with and always available to help.  I am 36 years old, married with two kids and a demanding full time career.  Kerin always worked with my schedule to ensure we didn’t skip a beat (and I never made it easy for her, but she never let on).  She created a plan that worked for me, my dietary restrictions (dairy free) and my schedule.  I couldn’t be more thankful for what she’s done for me and I can wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel good about how they look and feel.  I have more confidence in myself now than I’ve ever had (I’ve also never had so much fun clothes shopping)!



"I tried every weight loss program out there, nothing worked. I am fortunate enough to have a personal trainer that recommended Kerin from Haute Fitness. I knew seeing a nutritionist was the healthiest way for me to go. I was so unhappy with my weight, and only needed to lose about 10-12 pounds, but those 10 pounds made my life miserable. I am the happiest I have been in a while because of Kerin. She put me on a plan that I could manage and not be starving.

It took some time for my body to adjust, but slowly the weight began to melt off. We meet every two weeks and discuss how things are going and what I need. Kerin gave me back what I've been missing the past few years, my self esteem. She's taught me how to love myself again and cease with all the negative chatter in my head. It's not only about the weight, it's about being happy with who you are. To me that's the most important lesson I have learned throughout this process. She was there for me every step of the way, and for that I am grateful."



"I was so surprised at how much food I was eating and still losing weight! The plan worked for me because for the first time I wasn’t restricting or eliminating foods. I could still eat what I wanted as long as it stayed within my macros so I didn’t feel deprived or guilt ridden if I had a piece of chocolate”



“I'm a menopausal women that has been told that it is next to impossible to lose weight. Working with a professional, committing to workout time, and getting into the right mindset made these 58 pounds easy to shed. I don't starve myself as in the past. I eat pretty much what I choose to eat, I don't do an hour of cardio every workout anymore. The results are mind blowing. I am slim, have defined muscles, and no baby pouch anymore. I went from a size 16 to a 4. And I ATE. Was it always easy, no. But, any journey worth taking isn't easy. When we decide that we are worthy, when we decide to love ourselves, we can do anything we put our minds to."

"I have to tell you, this morning while getting ready for work. In my panties/bra, I looked in the mirror and for the first time I think in my life. I liked what I saw!"


"For the past 3 years prior to meeting Kerin I had been struggling with my weight. I had tried watching what I was eating but it wasn't working. I had gone back to Weight Watchers multiple times. I was embarrassed to go back again because I had put on all my lost weight. I wanted quicker and better results. I was at a point in my life I knew I couldn't do it without support and guidance because I kept seeing the scale go up and up. Nothing fit anymore and I felt like I was 300lbs! As soon as I saw the meal plan I realized how many empty calories I had been consuming. With this new plan I was eating much more!

I couldn't have done it without Kerin’s support. I am 64 years old I have tried everything at this point. In the past I kept falling back into the same routines and habits. Our weekly meetings held me accountable for what I was putting in my mouth and when I was working out. The truth is I had been neglecting myself. Kerin gave me an exercise routine I could manage with my full time job and taught me how to make exercise a good habit. I had a really good time doing the 6 month program with Kerin and I feel like I have instilled the tools I need to keep myself on the right path."


"When I met Kerin I was at the end of my rope and full of grief, for I had just lost my younger sister Debbie to Breast Cancer, the closest person to me. It's these times in life that make us re-evaluate everything. I am a business owner and have a thriving business but I had reached a point where I was stuck. I felt like it was time to grow and take my business to the next level.

I had never raised my prices and needed to prioritize my way of doing business. I didn't know where to begin or how to achieve these goals.

As a result of Kerin's coaching I have become more organized, more timely & I have learned that when situations become overwhelming to keep positive outlook. I now know that I own my power and my actions, whether positive or negative, will determine the outcome. These changes have had a major impact on my life and the people around me. Working with Kerin I began to see how my view of myself and how my self-worth was connected in all areas of my life. She gave positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I needed to make. Now my business is busier than ever! I raised my prices and I am getting paid what I am worth. In summary, Kerin has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful."