I Have Two Amazing Programs to Choose From!

HAUTEness MINI 1:1 Weight Loss Programs, HAUTEness 1:1 Coaching

The HAUTEness
Love YOUR Naked Self

Stop thinking about temporary restriction or deprivation. It's time to reclaim your LIFE! The HAUTEness is a 4-month package that will give you the 1:1 personalized transformative inner work that will get you comfortable with YOUR body from the inside out. With a side of customized workouts and meal plans to help you reach your goals!


HAUTE Movement

Friends make everything better. Having the support to get fit, love your whole self, and feel confident in your own skin is no different. The HAUTE Movement Membership is a plan for you and your girlfriends, where you'll build a HUGE network of support from fellow women. I'll be there as well to educate, motivate and support you along the way!