Scarcity Thinking – The Gatekeeper to Everything You Want

Hey Lady!

I remember the day I decided I was never going to utter these words, “I’d love to BUT, I CAN’T AFFORD IT!”

I can’t even tell you how many vacations, events, and outings I missed because I was stuck in a pattern.

A pattern of believing that:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • It’s difficult to make a dime
  • You need to work hard to make money
  • Life is a struggle
  • There is never enough
  • And most importantly that it was out of my control.

Every time I had to pass on something I really wanted to do I felt so much shame for my situation and angry that it was this way.

But as much as I hated it I was playing the victim in my own story.

Ever feel that way?

Here’s the reality (with a sprinkle of love). If your mentality is “I can’t afford it,” that belief will not change even if you did start making your dream income today!

I remember one of my mentors telling me to give back when I had $15 in my bank account.

I remember feeling mad and indignant. Here I am barely able to pay my bills. I can’t give back now!

I told her “I’ll do it when I make X amount.”  She lovingly suggested I start now. Why? Because money is energy and when we live with a scarcity mentality it will continue to breed more of the exact thing you don’t want: SCARCITY and NEVER ENOUGH.

So what do you do if you are living paycheck to paycheck or making a “good living,” but feel a lot of constraint around income and spending money?

  1. Start thinking now how you can begin to shift your mindset from “broke, never enough, I can’t afford it” to
    • “There is always enough.”
    • “I have everything I need and more.”
    • “I am always being supported.”
  1. Begin to donate and contribute money to your favorite charities. Even if it’s just a dollar! As you have more to give you can give more away. Sit back and watch as you begin to feel more and more supported by the universe.
  2. Celebrate every dollar that comes in! When we focus on what we don’t want then all we see, think about, and feel is the exact thing we don’t want! By shifting the focus to money, abundance, and wealth we will begin to experience more of that! Try this: Every time a dollar comes in (whether or not you made it, someone owed you money, you found it on the floor) do a happy dance! Take a minute to celebrate the abundance and the gratitude of what you have received. By celebrating what you do have your energy will lift and you will be a magnet for better and better things!
  3. Step back and look at the big picture. Ask yourself: “Where are my priorities?” Over and over again I hear women complaining about the price of a gym membership, but they’ll put themselves into thousands of dollars in debt redoing the bathroom, buying Christmas gifts or going on vacation. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH any of those things BUT… If you are spending all day, every day self-hating and bashing yourself for how you look have you stopped and asked yourself how that is affecting your wealth both with money and the richness of your life?

How is the negative conversation you are having with yourself affecting your marriage, love life, self-esteem, health, and ability to confidently present yourself in the world?

Is a new bag, pair of shoes or a vacation really what you need? Or do those things only provide temporary relief from a bigger problem?

By checking in with your priorities and stepping back to see the bigger picture and life vision you can begin to see how making simple tweaks can get you on course for the abundant, rich life you desire!

I hope you find this helpful. Leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts!




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