Empower Your Thoughts. Embody Confidence. Embrace Your Whole Body.

A 4 Month Program for successful women who are ready to ditch dieting and start living. 

Ready to love yourself into health, shed the shame around food,
and stop shoulding themselves into fitness?

Own is a women’s empowerment group that teaches the foundational pieces to healthy self worth, finding your voice & loving yourself by first healing the relationship you have with food, self image and societal age old beliefs about a woman’s body...YOUR BODY.

Here is what you can expect:

Body Confidence

Instills a woman with the knowledge that she is inherently worth, simply because she exists.

We help you reframe how you see your body, so that your body type number on the scale looks and portion sizes no longer feels like your whole value.

02 Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Teachers that healthy eating (or consistent healthy eating habits) is the result of being in alignment with your body & soul's deepest needs and desires, whilst honoring self-love.

A healthy mind, healthy eating, healthy emotions, and a healthy life is the crux to creating a life that brings joy, contentment, and inner peace.


Gets you back in the driver seat of owning your body, trusting your feelings and choices.

Heal the parts of your life that are not in service to your goals, setting up new habits and routines, unifying your thoughts and emotions so that you are living in your highest power.

About Kerin

For over 10 years, Kerin has made it her mission to help women heal their relationship with food and their body, so they can feel as confident and successful on the inside as they portray on the outside.

She specialized in teaching women how to transform cycles of self-hatred, emotional eating, and repetitive thinking around weight, enabling them to form healthy lifestyle habits and to create a life that truly lights them up.

By learning how to optimize time, nutrition and fitness and break free from patterns of negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs, Kerin teaches women how to truly embrace self-worth and embody true feminine confidence.