Is Your Own Bullshit Story Getting In The Way?

The other day I stumbled upon a quote.  It went like this, “I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit!”

WOW!! That basically summed up the two most profound moments of my life!

The one I will talk about here is the time I made a self image and body transformation overhaul; I would later realize that day was THE DAY that would have a positive effect on the decisions I made in the future and ultimately influence every other area of my life.  It was when I finally got REAL WITH MYSELF and realized I had an eating disorder.  It was an eye opener to discover everyone DOES NOT have a seriously f*** up relationship with food.  That no, everyone does not think about what they are going to eat, what they should eat or drive themselves crazy about what they did eat… for hours maybe even days later.  And NO, most people do not starve themselves all day then to have a phone call, cancelled date or some other upsetting (but not life altering news) that sets them off.  Which of course began the binge of eating everything and anything that isn’t nailed down.  But the real eye opener was when reality finally hit me.  If I don’t do something about it this pattern it is going to be my life FOREVER!

It’s not like the thought hadn’t crossed my mind before that maybe I should change.  Maybe I had a bad relationship food, a bad relationship with myself, I was miserable and life wasn’t supposed to be like this.  But this time I was sick of making excuses.  I was sick of my own bullshit.  Ya know what I mean?

You ever get to the point of literally getting sick of your own excuses.  Funny thing about excuses.  They are so damn convenient.  Available at the earliest sign of opposition; prepared and ready to fire!

Changing your relationship with yourself, eating habits and body image issues is just like leaving a toxic relationship or a job you hate.  You know you have to, you know you should.  But the truth is you won’t until you no longer are getting anything out of it.  In every “bad” situation there is a “good”  side of it as well.  When I was binging, purging, hating my body, constantly complaining about how I looked, constantly complaining about EVERYTHING; I was getting something out of it.  I was getting illusive control and an excuse as to why I couldn’t change.

And the best part.  As long as I kept NOT doing something about my weight.  As long as I sabotaged my efforts, emotionally ate, complained about how I looked, made excuses about how other people had better genetics, more money, less stress, hadn’t gone through my hardships and didn’t work as much as me…


I never had to hold myself accountable.  I never had to worry about going after my dreams or succeeding in them.  I never had to be seen.  My excuses kept me safe and comfortable in a world of hating everything about myself.   A subpar life.  In one unfulfilling relationship after another, using pointless distractions to keep my highs something to live for and my depression a familiar friend.   I coudn’t see any way out.  I didn’t want to see any way out and I didn’t want to take responsibility.  I didn’t want to see that everything I wanted was attainable.  Everything I desired was possible.  But it needed to start with ME!

Does this story sound at all familiar?  Maybe your issue around food isn’t as severe as mine was.  Maybe your bullshit story is around money, a poor relationship or a dead end job.  Regardless of what your story is it won’t change as long as you don’t!  If you are tired of your own bullshit, what are you waiting for?  There is no magic pill, secret green juice or special in home workout that is going to give you the confidence, body, satisifed and happy relationship you wish to have with yourself.  Stop looking for the easy way out and get real with yourself and what is holding you back from making this change?

The time will pass regardless.  Where do you want to be in 6 months? 1 year? 5 years?  Do you still want the conversation that is currently going on in your head be the one you have in a year from now?

If you are looking for support in getting out of YOUR OWN BULLSHIT STORY sign up for a free session.  We will discuss what it is you truly want and what has been holding you back.

Trust me I get it, I get how badly it is to want something else other than what you have.  Yes it is hard work and it is scary, but not impossible! Everything you desire can be yours… But it starts with you!

Are you ready?

Kerin xoxo

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