New Year, New You. January Group Program

8 Week Kick Start
With Kerin Briscese- Your Experienced Guide

At the end of this 8 week Kick Start program you will…

-Have Lost Body Fat
-Know what to eat, when and how much
-Create a personal plan to continue towards your ideal weight & maintain that weight
-Take off 5, 10 or more pounds. Once and for all!
-Have strategies in place for moving through those challenging moments
-Have a network of support available to ensure you reach your goal weight & have it stick

Now Is The Time To Act
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Week 1: New Year, New You…Setting a Destination you can Get To. Once and for All
• Maximum fat loss eating some of your favorite foods and dispelling worn-out dieting myths

Week 2 & 3 The Basics for ME. I get to eat THAT too?
• A detailed indivudialized weight loss plan that is specifically designed for and sustainable for YOU.

Week 4: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint 
• A sustainable and flexible meal plan that’s NOT another crash diet.

Week 5: Have your Cake and Eat it too…Literally
• Strategies for nights out, special occasions and holidays without sabotaging all your efforts

Week 6: Cravings, Binging and Emotional Eating
• The difference between these and taking the steps to cut free from the dynamics that drive these destructive behaviors.

Week 7: An intense workout in 30 min a day!
• Tweak your workout to maximize results with less time

Week 8: Extraordinary Results, One Powerful Step at a Time
• A customized plan for ongoing success

Location: Hawthorne, NJ Friday 10am-11:30, January 15th-March4th

Work during the week? Home with the kids?
An alternative weekend group is also forming. Contact Kerin for details or to schedule your Free New Year Weight Loss Breakthrough Session.