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Listen: having a full schedule used to keep successful, high achieving women from getting in their workouts #busykillingit …

But I gotta ask: What’s the reason now?

This is a crazy weird time, there’s no denying that.  But are you scrolling the day away, starting your day-drinking at 10 am, and not entirely sure of when your last shower was?

Look, I AGREE- mimosas are delicious, but this can’t be a new normal.  

I’m curious: What are you really avoiding?

Stop with the numbing, and let's feel MORE Than Satisfied...

Be Haute, Get Sweaty with this new, fun routine that’s about so much more than just getting fit.

Before you know it, red bottoms will be back IN and quarantine will be OUT... It’s time to get moving again, don’t you think? 

Check out my simple plan to reconnect with your body, have fun shaking your booty, while sweating out some negative emotions. 

IF you are 

  • Ready to get back in the driver's seat of  life and discover the fun side of fitness
  • Ready to feel intimate, connected and emotionally fit
  • Ready to dream again and pursue an unrealistic,   badass  version of you


Be Haute, Get Sweaty is just the thing you need to get out of overwhelm and confront your quarantine routine of wine and Netflix. No Judgement, but girl, it’s time to switch things up!

Join this fun (and free!) 7-day fitness bash, so you can kick off your Haute Life. 


These workouts will help you to reconnect with your body, while you receive just the right amount of accountability, and raise your emotional vibration, guaranteed. 


This is perfect for anyone who thinks they can’t add fitness to their already “full” day or wants to get in a killer workout without having to leave home, quarantine, or not. 


Click below and join the fun! It's time to Be Haute, Get Sweaty and Feel MORE than Satisfied.