Feeling like a hostage in your own body? – test

Losing faith in your ability to create, achieve, and manifest is one of the scariest things a person can go through.

Ironically, that is actually something I have experienced multiple times throughout my life – both in my body and my relationships..

I know how it feels – powerless, as if there is no control.

No control to change the course of the inevitable cliff that you seem to be driving off of daily.

You have people everywhere telling you that all you have to do is make a decision. Stick to it. Be consist. You aren’t trying hard enough. You don’t want it bad enough. It’s not that hard.

And all those voices just seem to bring you deeper and deeper into sheer panic.

That panic then pulls you down into worse decisions that reaffirm you are in fact a failure.

So what if you are reading this right now and you feel like a failure in your body? What if you have completely lost faith in your ability to lose weight, feel healthy, exude confidence, and show off your sexiness?

What do you do when you lose trust in your own body and in yourself?

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