Are you happy-ish?

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Do you ever feel like you should be happier than what you are? You have the career, the paycheck, the travel schedule and status of someone who has “made it”.


But you’ve noticed that when the lights are off and you are finally alone with your thoughts and feelings you are reminded that you are not 100% happy? Something is missing. It’s in those moments when you’re forced to really sit down with yourself and assess what’s going on inside of your mind, body, and soul.


This honest inventory is kinda scary, but what makes it worse is the mental bashing that seems to automatically be accompanied by it.


This “honest inventory” (with a side of self-shit talking) is so out of your comfort zone that you have been known to distract yourself with other things, such as work functions, projects that must be done ASAP, and never-ending to-do lists that seem to book out 3 months in advance.


Your escape? Food (the guilty pleasures that help you finally unwind).  But halfway through your bottle of wine and Netflix binge you remember that this is not really how you want to feel or how you want to treat your body – the thing is you don’t have the time or energy to begin to think about how you could do this differently.


In this cycle, you don’t allow yourself to truly slow down long enough to remember that there are things you want in life that are currently missing…


The Answer 


That food isn’t the answer.  That having the appearance of having it all is not true success or happiness.


As a recovering obsessive worker, there was a time when I did the exact same thing – I wrapped myself up in the work that I “had” to do in order to keep my mind off of the real issues that were in my life.


Staying busy was the key to drowning out the noise of “I am not enough”. I didn’t have the romance, the pant size, or the full life I had imagined I would.


I half read self-development books, shamed myself all day long, promised myself I’d do it better next time…all because I thought that distracting myself with the things I was “supposed to be doing” would help me find true happiness.


But the truth was: I was alone, I was stuck, I was unhappy.


None of those “supposed to be doing” things led me anywhere productive. In fact, they made me more busy, more tired, more overwhelmed. That was NOT what I was looking for…


I was clearly looking in all the wrong places for happiness.


I want you to imagine for one second a life where you weren’t consumed by work or never-ending to-do lists – a life that was full of happiness, laughter, and confidence! What if you had a life that wasn’t work work work? How would that feel?


What would it feel like to leave the office or actually close the laptop when you said you would so that you could enjoy dinner with a man who adores you who’s waiting for you at home? A life where you didn’t have to always prove something to someone (or yourself).


It is possible! It is 100% possible to feel happy and full with the life you have without worrying about what “worthiness” you bring to the table! You can have joy every single day while loving yourself wholeheartedly in the process!


Because here’s the secret: true peace starts with yourself. Valuing who you are inside is where the peace comes from so that you can stop using work, to-dos, and distractions as excuses to not truly evaluate what’s happening deep within yourself.


Listen – You are a hell of a lot more amazing that you give yourself credit for… Your self-worth and awesomeness come from a place that is deep inside – a place that only you can dig out and actually use! But sometimes, more often than not, you just need someone to come into your life, Gang Busters style, and show you how to reclaim your happiness….your worthiness!


Excuses Are Gone


Stop letting the excuse of having to work get in your way of having the life you know you deserve. Spend some time listening to your body, mind, and soul and hear it out – hear what it’s saying to you right now.


If your quiet time gives you some shocks to your system, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! In fact, that’s the best place to start! Those shocks that you’re experiencing are happening for a reason – they’re your wake up calls you’ve been needing!


What’s stopping you right now from living a life of true self-worth..true self-love? Is it that you don’t have the slightest idea of where to start (don’t worry – that’s totally normal)? Is it fearing what you’ll uncover about your self-worth truth (don’t worry – that’s totally normal, too)?


Getting deep down to the core of the issue and stripping away the noise that’s keeping you away from seeing the real problem (eh hem – that’s the part about not feeling worthy to have the life and health you want) is exactly what you need to do. Right here. Right now.


Are you ready? Let’s get this show on the road!

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  1. melissa sparkes on May 12, 2018 at 9:02 am

    I am happy just want to feel happier in myself

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