Sexy. Fit. Confident. Free. Fearless.

Sexy. Fit. Confident. Free. Fearless.

Sexy. Fit. Confident. Free. Fearless.

I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but that's you.

How do I know this?

Because you’re here!

If you truly didn’t think a magnificent life, free from food and fitness stresses was possible, you would have already stopped reading.

You know there HAS to be more to life than...

  • Constantly stressing about food. ‘To eat or not to eat’ is not the question!
  • Depriving yourself of all the delicious foods you love. Only to binge on them like this is your last meal!
  • Spending hours at the gym, or feeling guilty when you don’t. The shame cycle shouldn’t be more exhausting than actual cycling!
  • Eating every feeling. Then eating some more.
  • Fearing mirrors and pretty much all reflective surfaces. How many times a day do you say, “I’m so fat?”

You just want to love your body, fit in that old wardrobe, and freakn’ radiate confidence.


Trust me, I get it.

In fact, that was me for 15+ years!

When I was about 13 I started restricting my diet. I would count every calorie and keep careful track of what I put into my mouth. I was obsessed with what I ate and how I looked.

Then, things escalated even further when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

I started using food as way to control my spiraling world. (Food is actually directly related to our feelings of stability.) And after she passed, my relationship with food became completely erratic. Sometimes I would eat and eat until I threw up (and then eat some more.) I would workout to the point of exhaustion and then not workout for weeks on end. My behavior grew more and more extreme as it became harder to control and suppress my feelings.

I ‘functioned’ like this well into my 20’s and as I got older it became harder and harder to control my food intake and drop weight quickly. I fell into a horrible pattern of maintaining a hardcore diet and exercise routine, then falling completely off the rails.

Finally one day I woke up and I decided enough was enough.

I decided I needed to make a serious change in the way I deal with my body, my emotions, and my life.

The most beautiful thing about this realization was the second I gave myself permission to be free from restriction, my body started to correct itself.

I was able to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full. I worked out because I loved my body and not because I hated it. I lost weight and kept it off without feeling deprived or like I was losing my life. Because I love my body, I actually ENJOYED treating it right.

Once I was free, I realized HOW MUCH my obsession with my weight had negatively affected all areas of my life.

I had spent so much time and energy not being kind to my body that I never truly thrived. Every day I just felt drained, exhausted, ashamed, and unfulfilled.

But once I started loving myself, I was able to set healthy boundaries in my relationships, I attracted a higher caliber of men, the world started opening up, and I could finally emotionally deal with the loss of my mother.

It was then, I realized I had new obsession: helping other women break free of the cycle of self-hatred, emotional eating, and constant thoughts about food.

Kerin Briscese Before
Kerin Before:

In 5 months I went from 120 to 163lbs. This was one of the photos I took on my way up to 163. This is the last full-body photo I can find because from then on, I only took head-shots or I hid behind friends. I was so ashamed, every week I was putting on weight and I couldn’t control it.

Kerin Briscese After
Kerin After
Kerin Briscese

Because we all deserve so much more.

Permanent, sustainable, weight loss CAN be your reality, and I’m here to help you uncover your best, badass, self!